For 33 years, the company Azul Aran s.l. has been dealing with stone quarrying in the Val d'Aran, in the northeast of the Spanish Pyrenees, producing Azul Aran and Eragon stone, especially suited for road construction and civil engineering, as well as for the construction of tailings dams.


Azul Aran

The high quality Azul Aran® Spanish granite features a unique structure with its bluish grey feldspar and white shade. Each slab of the material is different, like a work of art created by nature. Thanks to its acid resistance, the material is also suited for kitchen worktops and many more applications, in interiors as well as outdoors.  


Due to its cloud-like pattern, Spanish brown schist is particularly suitable for large-area applications, in interiors as well as, partially, outdoors. The special brilliance of schist is revealed by light play.  


The quais managed especially carefully and efficiently, so as not to be a burden on the surrounding natural environment. The annual volume of quarried blocks in both materials is 600-800 m3 and only a small part of the deposit can be used for the production of slabs.


Azul Aran quarries produce paragneiss massif blocks for the local and international market. Once the block has been quarried, Azul Aran and Eragon can be processed into a variety of shapes: from thin slabs to beautiful objects cut to size. For processing of these products we rely on long-term partners all over the world.


As if stone wasn’t a work of art by itself, the beauty of nature is further enhanced through the masterworks of architecture. National and international partners enthusiastically use Azul Aran® Spanish granite for their amazing projects worldwide. Have a look and let the images inspire you for your next grand project.

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