For 33 years, the company Azul Aran s.l. has been dealing with stone quarrying in the Val d'Aran, in the northeast of the Spanish Pyrenees, producing Azul Aran and Eragon stone, especially suited for road construction and civil engineering, as well as for the construction of tailings dams.

The quais managed especially carefully and efficiently, so as not to be a burden on the surrounding natural environment. The annual volume of quarried blocks in both materials is 600-800 m3 and only a small part of the deposit can be used for the production of slabs.


Quarrying is especially careful and efficient, by cutting with diamond wire and very little use of explosives. This way, no unnecessary impact is produced on the surrounding natural environment and less material is wasted. The narrow vein of pegmatite that the material consists of extends vertically into the mountain. That is why quarrying on the steep terrain involves great difficulty.

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